An international famous village in the north of Groningen.
Startingpoint of many mudwalks, even possible in wintertime!
The Sealcentre, a hospital and information~ and education~centre
for and about seals, open every day from 9 till 18.00 o'clock.
The oldest botanic garden from the Netherlands.
The start and the end of "het Pieterpad", a long footwalk
from the north to the south of Holland, from Pieterburen-Maastricht.

You can almost see and feel the Waddensea(5 km).
Nearby the Lauwerslake, where you can go for a swim, sailing, surfing, byking, etc.
Also a good start for going on a daytrip to Schiermonnikoog, one of our islands.
The boat leaves from Lauwersoog(18 km from Pieterburen)
A day to Groningen(25 km), to climb the Martinitower(98 meters high)
or just go for some shopping or sit at one of the many terraces.

To be short, Pieterburen:
A village to stay a little bit longer!
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